Titan 1918 Beginnings…

Founder: Chengjun Yang (1893 – 1971)

(This photo was taken at Incheon of South Korea during the Japanese occupation in the very early part of the twentieth century)

Titan 1918 was established in Incheon, South Korea during the Japanese Occupation. During this early period, the main products produced by the aspiring company were old-fashioned razors, planing tools and fishing knives used by fishermen.

In the 1940’s, the manufacturing company relocated to Yilan county – Northeastern Taiwan and has remained at this site till present.

Towards the end of the 1980’s, The Titan company started manufacturing scissors for barbers and hair dressers.

Titan 1918 – 2018

  • 1918 – First razor produced
  • 1993 – Research and development on the technology of ceramic package heat treatment method in collaboration with Japanese partners
  • 2001 – Winner of top award – ‘Golden Hand’ award for traditional craftmanship in Taiwan
  • 2009 – Applied for trademark protection, setup distribution and marketing company in Guangzhou – mainland China
  • 2018 – Introduced several new hairdressing scissors lines
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