Titan 1918 Hair Cutting Scissors

Care Instructions

If you follow these simple instructions carefully, you should expect your scissors to last for a number of years. 

Important Note: If your new scissors are not cutting properly or folding the hair, the most common cause is that the tension of the blades is too loose.  Use the Black Titan key adjuster to tighten the tension screw by a notch or two and the wiggle the blades a few times to set the screw.

  1. These scissors are manually oiled before being packed and so you may see what appears to be water on the blades and screw nut, but this is not the case. What you see is high quality clear, thin viscous oil. This is perfectly normal. Please wipe off excess oil on the blades before first time use.
  2. When resting your scissors, never place them down on a flat surface with the blades open. If any objects happen to be in contact with them or if you drop them on a hard surface, you may damage the blades. This may affect cutting performance. Place them on a soft surface such as a cloth towel with the blades closed.
  3. Never use your scissors to cut paper, cloth or any other material.
  4. After every haircut, always wipe off any hair, water or chemicals remaining on the blades with a soft non-abrasive damp cloth. Then dry with a soft dry cloth and close them. We recommend cleaning alcohol to clean chemicals and residue of sticky hair spray off the blades. You can also use a sheet of clean leather or chamois. Ensure that you lubricate your blades after both chemical hair treatment and wet cutting contact.
  5. At the end of every day or at least every other day, use a good quality scissors oil to lightly lubricate the inner blades and the inside of the screw area. We thoroughly recommend the excellent Japanese ‘Tsubaki Oil’ also known as Camellia Oil.
  6. Every month run the back of your thumbnail along the edge of the blade to check for nicks. This will indicate if your scissors need sharpening or not. 
  7. If there are no nicks on the blades and the sharpness is still there but your scissors are not performing efficiently or folding/bending the hair, then your blades might be too loose. Hold the bottom handle of your scissors horizontally at a right-angle. Now, lift up the top handle and let it drop. If it drops very loosely towards fully closed, then it needs re-adjusting. Just tighten the screw on the blades with your fingers or the black adjusting key included, until you obtain the desired tension for the scissors. The correct amount of tension for the scissors is the angle between 2 pieces of scissor at about 30 degrees, when you hang one scissor blade and let the other one fall relying on its own gravity.
  8. Every year have the scissors serviced from a professional scissors sharpener ideally someone who is experienced in traditional Japanese blade sharpening. Be sure to have it sharpened according to special Convex design.

We recommend: https://www.thesharpservice.co.uk/postal-sharpening-service.html

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