Titan 1918 Hair Cutting Scissors

About Us

Emboss Products International is a small family based business based in the heart of the Midlands in United Kingdom.

We are a UK distributor for the Titan 1918 professional hair scissors range and serve clients in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. We are not affiliated to any other distributors that sell the Titan brand, including those on AliExpress site.

Our extensive experience in hairdressing goes back to the early 1990’s when a family member moved to London to take a Vidal Sassoon beginner’s course. The training led to work on photoshoots with the likes of hairdressing gurus Beverley Cobella, Jennifer Cheynes and Mark Hill. Today our family member still retains their expertise as a part time creative hair art director at a prestigious salon and also teaches students at an academy.

Our experience in working with different types of hair scissors over the span of 25 years has provided us with great insight as to what constitutes a good pair of scissors that is suited to certain styles for both beginners to the seasoned professional hairdresser.

We seek to educate and provide hairdressers and barbers a collection of high quality hair scissors adapted for different styles whilst simultaneously guaranteeing that they’re available at honest and accessible prices.

For the price of a true mid-range Japanese made hair scissors, a customer can purchase 6 – 8 different hair scissors for different techniques and cutting styles.

We also attend hair exhibitions in Europe to learn the latest hair cutting techniques which inspire us to make new hair scissors adapted for those cutting styles.



Why Titan 1918?

The Titan 1918 professional hair scissors range is a brand that stood out in terms of quality, sharpness, durability and affordability from among 600+ companies that we had reviewed for supplying scissors.

We are dedicated to providing our customers a fast, friendly, efficient and amazing support. Our thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our commitment.

We can also guide you on the best scissors to choose for your particular requirements.

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